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Moving Jay : Day 105 : Cold Snap Blog
3rd October 2023
Good grief.. It got super cold, super quickly, this week.
And it's only Tuesday!!


Not sure I can cope if it continues to get colder than this. It's bloomin' freezing.
Last week was all about shorts and t-shirts, and drinking gallons of ice cold drinks to stay sane.
This morning, I'm wrapped in a thick fluffy dressing gown, and using Stable Diffusion to warm up the laptop!!!
Not good.
Not good at all.

And it's dark, this morning, too.
I hate it when it's dark like this. Hurts my eyes way too much.
I'm certainly glad I have a backlight on my keyboard, that's for sure.


I spent WAY more time working on the scaling and rendering of JSE yesterday, and as much as I managed to fix.. I also managed to break a few other bits, too.
Because, of course I did..!

The Mouse-Scaling and positioning has gone all wonky as anything, and the lighting buffer is also mis-scaling in places, too.
But, hey, at least I got the Screen Stretching to work, now, so you can run things in Mode 0,"CPC", and it'll stretch the pixels 2x wide. \o/yeay\o/!
I dunno if it was worth all that effort, though, if everything else is breaking around it.

Keep going, Jay!

"3D render of cartoon derek wearing a woolly jumper, standing outside in the cold, frozen, ice, quaint village, quiet, winter, snowscape, bobble hat, rendered by pixar" by #DiffusionBee

It keeps drawing this exact same street.. It's really odd!!
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