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4th October 2023

Who is Ninella? And why does she hate the flowers?!
She's a gardener.. And she's killing all the weeds!

You can Play Xenial Ninella in JSE.


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- Left and Right
- Jump (Hold for height)

What I Didn't Do

I barely drew anything!! And this is my nicest looking game in ages!!

We're heading into an all A.I. Futurescape, and the system's taken over art duties, this week. The sprites were drawn using Bing/Dall-E-3, though I did have to do a bunch of work to get them into practical useable sprites, resizing them all to the same scale and cleaning up a ton of pixels. (The DallE output is still a little messy at times)

The original spritesheet, straight out of Bing/DallE3, can be seen here
The prompt was "retro SNES spritesheet, animated girl running and jumping, coins, blocks, floor tiles, rainbow"
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