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11th November 2023
I coded a game yesterday. I started at one end, worked all the way through, then posted it to Mastodon and Patreon, by the end of the night.
Except I didn't post it here, because I was knackered!!


Over on Mastodon, each day, I've been posting 4 silly AI generated images using a random prompt. Yesterday was "Friday Night <character>", and the results were as silly as usual.

One of the results, though, sparked a little idea in my head, and since I was stuck on the couch doing nothing all day, I opted to make a game with the title.

The game is a rather simplistic redoing of Bubble Bobble. The overall effect seems to work reasonably well. I could probably have done with drawing different sprites for the baddies, but .. well, you know how I am with art!!
Gameplay wise, you shoot bubbles at the other characters, then pop them.
Is it more Bubble Bobble, or is it more NeonPlat!? Hmm.. Not sure.
The lack of Double Jump is the decider, here, I think!

You can Play Friday Night Bubble in GotoJSE.
I'll be popping it up on, YouTube, and the game archive, later today.

"Cartoon Derek shopping for carpets, carpet store, rolls of carpets, red, green, blue, vibrant, muted, colourful, shop, swatches" by #DiffusionBee
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