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17th November 2023
Today's (hopefully) Carpet Day, unless it gets delayed and doesn't show up, or is the wrong size, or the wrong colour, or quite frankly, any number of other issues..


My Bedroom carpet was ordered on Monday, and today's Friday, so that "2-3 day Express Delivery" I paid for is already a bit of a fail. But, no matter, at least I've been assured it's coming today.

Reading the online reviews for the company, they're either 5/5 stars, or they're 1/5 stars. Barely any reviews in between, and that.. frankly.. is rather unsettling.
But there's over 3,000 reviews, so it can't all be friends & family posting fake reviews, right?!
It's SO hard to tell, in this day and age of A.I. based interference, though.
Just one of those "either you trust it or you don't" things.
I hope it turns out ok, today!

There's the whole rigmarole of emptying everything out of my room, then letting my Uncle do his best magic with the carpet, before finally putting everything back in.
And from there, I can FINALLY start to open all of those boxes!! So many boxes!!

I've practically been living out of boxes since the end of May! That's SUCH a scary thing to think about. Almost half a year, not being able to switch on a micro-console, or test various controllers, or stare lovingly at a huge collection of tat on my shelves.

And, omg, the cable chaos in my bedroom, already.
I definitely need to dig out some cable organisers, and figure out permanent locations for the majority of them, rather than having things sprawled out on top of the desk like they currently are.

"Cartoon Derek tangled up in wires, cables, punched tape, broken server room, faulty computers, error, red light, cinematic lighting, " by #DiffusionBee

.. I sure do hope my hands don't end up looking like that, once everything's plugged back in!!
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