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18th November 2023
Today will be about unboxing a ton of stuff.



It's been almost half a year since the Star Trek Starships got put into boxes, all the way back in May. It's now the middle of November, and frankly, it's about bloomin' time that I managed to get things back out again!
Of course, the Star Trek Starships can't quite come out, just yet.
First, I need to build up the lovely new 3x3 storage unit that I can stick a bunch of them onto.

But, daaamn, there's a lot of boxes here.
There's the Amstrad games, the Amiga disks, the Amiga itself, tons of consoles and micro-consoles, and all of their games.

..Oh, and a ginormous printer that has to go somewhere, too.

Gosh, I brought a lot of stuff.
Already I've set aside a "Keep these, but there's nowhere to put them" box, and a second "I think I can get rid of these, now" box, that are both about half full!
And I only emptied 3 boxes!!

Last night there were cables everywhere, random bits of tech in chaotic places, and I know it's only going to get worse.

Many thanks to Uncle David (pictured up top) for laying the carpet.

"Cartoon Derek opens a large cardboard box" by #DiffusionBee
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