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19th November 2023
In come the boxes, and all the clutter that comes as a result.


That's not "Clutter", that's just mildly organised chaos!!!
I need to build up the 3x3 shelving unit, before things can be organised better.

Boxes ..
Starting on the left, the "I need to keep these, but I doubt I need them that often, so they should go .. somewhere..!?!" box.
It's got a couple of cable hubs, as well as the box of magazines with "me" in them, and a few other bits and pieces.
There are already many cables taking over this box!!

In the middle, the big red plastic tub is already completely empty, but is being kept as a handy plastic big red tub.. The cardboard box beneath it is also mostly empty, except a big giant metal arm..!!
The books (there's a lot!) are organised in piles of about 30cm, so they (hopefully!) fit neatly into the shelving unit's squares. There's a lot of larger books, though, so I'm not sure how well that'll work.

Over on the right, the top smaller box has a bunch of Gameboys, DSs, 3DSs, as well as a couple of GPD devices that are in the DS/3DS clamshell form factor.
.. Those should also all fit snuggly together into a box on the shelf.

Underneath is the Amiga box. I need to shove all those disks back into one of the desk drawers, where they were to begin with.

And.. That's all the boxes!! ...
.. except for the other 9 boxes that are still in the dining room.

The desk is 35% done, but ... Yeah, it's still a bit messy, huh?
Hey, I put the mic up, though, so I definitely intend to use it, now, honest!!!
.. *ugh*

The Quest3's kinda hanging out on top of a Borg Cube right now. Works, but not keen on the black cube on the light desk.
I also need to move the NAS. It's noisy on there, and the Mic picks it up.
There's also a growing pile of mouses on the desk, too. And where's the Amiga going to go? If I put it in the space in front of the monitor, then there's no real place to put the MacBook when I want to sit at the desk.
I may need to keep working on the planned layout for all of this.

"Cartoon Derek piloting a rocket through space, cockpit, viewscreen, cosmic, stars, planets, sun, cinematic, sci-fi, lighting, shading, depth," by #DiffusionBee

Looks nice, but what on earth..!?!
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