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This Week...
  16th January, 2011
The story so far...

Jay buys Mac
Main PC Dies
Jay worries not
Jay uses Mac.-=-=-

Except Jay doesn't really USE the Mac.
Instead, I've been switching back and forth between the Mac upstairs, and the PC downstairs. The Mac's been for occasional coding, and video capture, whilst the PC's been for everything else.

The Mac Mini is a lovely little box of wonders.
Looking for a comparison around my desk, I see it's roughly about the size of the Dreamcast's Shenmue box! It's a wee bit wider, but otherwise.. yup.. It's about 1.2*Shenmue's

It amazes me that, considering how smegging huge the PC is, the MacMini can screen record my games a buttload better than I've ever been able to do on my PC!
It's unbelievably smooth, the audio's in sync, and .. well.. It just works..

And yet, I'm still not 100% Mac yet.
CoolEdit is stuck on my PC.
I've not upgraded since Adobe took over, 'cos.. you know.. they're annoying, and shove boatloads of Auto-Update things on your PC that you can never ever quite tell to piss off, without them popping up again, the next time you dare to restart your system!
I'm comfortable with CoolEdit, I know all of it's little keyboard shortcuts, I'm fast at using it, and it's really handy to have.

PaintshopPro is another one.
I've been on v7 since forever! Anything above v7 has a weird quirky UI that I've never quite become comfortable with, and again with the shortcuts and things.. It's still there because I'm still good with it.

.. Back to topic..
This week...
I've decided that I should probably at least TRY to switch my software.
It's getting stupid when I suddenly realise I need X/Y button for a menu, then have to grab my Flashdrive, run downstairs, draw a button, run back upstairs!
'tis silly!
So, with that in mind, I'm attempting to use ONLY the Mac to create this week's game.
GIMP is the art package of choice, although I think it's probably going to do my head in, to be honest.
Already little annoyances are working their way in, like how the selection box is stupidly laggy, and how you need to click each window before you can use it.. ie, in Paintshop pro, you'd click Rectangle Selection Tool, then drag your selection.. in Gimp, you click the tool window, then the tool, then the picture windows, then drag your selection. It's a little thing, but it's REALLY annoying!! Especially when you forget, and start drawing all over your picture, because it's still on paint mode!


I'm also learning all the tools, and learning to live with the suckyness, so everything's coming out as if it's been drawn by a 2 year old.
And the grid.. Good god the grid's quirky.
Half the time it completely refuses to snap to the grid.

.. Anyhoo, enough whining.
This week's game will look like a 2 year old's made it.
But it'll be a Cassette 50 game, so .. you know.. it'll look vaguely better than the original!

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