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8th January 2024

Can you connect alike dice together?
You'd better, or the game will be over!
You can Play the game at, or over on JSE


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Move Left/Right
Shift dice

What I Didn't Do

I didn't make it into a "true" columns, in that the game isn't made up of gems.
No matter how I tried, the "Make me a spritesheet of gems!" prompt into Bing/DallE's art generator just wasn't coming up with anything useable, or more importantly, easy to "see" in the game.

.. HOWEVER.. If you'd like to see just how bad those gem sprites ended up, you CAN!

Hold down the alt-button when you start the game, and it'll switch to gems.
If you're playing with WASD, then hold J and tap K to start.
If you're playing with Cursors, hold X and tap Z.
If you're playing with a gamepad, it *should* be a case of holding the bottom-most face button, then tapping the right-most face button...!!
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