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14th January 2024

Roll the ball along the darkened path. Let the glowing blobs light your way.
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- Roll

What I Didn't Do

A bit of a generic AGameWeek, this week, I'm afraid.
No real reason, I just got over-excited playing with the glowy lighting effects in GotoJSE again!!

I haven't, once again, added any powerups, enemies, or anything else.
I really do need to come up with some kind of super-mega "Add these to your games!" list that I can refer to.

Honestly, this game's hard as nails, as it is, so .. you know.. As you were!!

Interestingly, there was no trail in the game until about an hour ago, when I got Bing/DallE3 to generate the Cover Art, at which point it included a lovely glowing trail, and I went "Oh, yeah, I should do that!!!"

... Cool!

Alternative Cover Art designs

You can Play the game at, or edit it in JSE.
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New games every week!
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