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7th February 2024
Been a crazy few weeks for AL, over on YouTube, this month.


Look at all those crazy peaks and troughs.
What a wild ride it's been for AL. I'm not really sure why it's getting those, but it seems the YouTube algorithm is starting to favour AL a fair bit.
.. Probably helps that everyone else is gradually leaving YouTube.

Soon, there'll just be AL and several hundred channels hosted by Simon Whistler.

Zinc Cascade seems to be the most popular track at the minute. It's got a squirty elephant in the video. The next two tracks don't have any animations other than a generic background. I guess that's a lesson, right there.
No more rushing videos. Take your time and .. oh, yeah, the next one's supposed to be posted today isn't it. Oops!


I dunno, that's likely all the bots. I get the feeling someone over there is trying to archive the entire internet, or something, in case anything (else) bad happens.
Either that or they REALLY like elephants over there..?

Right.. Focus.
Today's Todo list.
1. Uploads for Futriball.
2. Finish the ALChoon.
3. Job done.
Sounds way easier when I put it like that!

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