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7th February 2024

This week, a nice and simple recreation of the Amiga classic, Megaball, as made by Ed and Al Mackey.
You can Play Futriball on or over at GotoJSE.


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Mouse - Move
Left Mouse Button - Shoot

What I Didn't Do

When I started this, I was planning to add Centipong into the mix. Have the centipede wandering up at the top, and do what Centipongs do.
But I couldn't quite keep up the speed once the loops were looping through all the pods and pedestrians and whatnot.

It's a shame, really. That'd have been nice.
If I rewrote this in Browsercade, I could definitely get the speed up to handle that. But Browsercade doesn't do Mouse-based games.
It'd look well out of place in Shoebox, too.
.. Grrrr..

You can Play Futriball on or over at GotoJSE.
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