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12th February 2024
Good grief, that was a flu and a half..


Today I need to decide what to do with a half-started game.
You've a spinning thing (Piping bag?!!) that you can move around the screen. This isn't Bob, and it's not technically ice, either, but assume this came from Bob skating on the Ice!
(The game was originally spawned from the title "Bob on Ice")

There's random vegetables that appear, and you can smush into them to make them splatter and leave behind splattery marks on the floor.

And that's all I've got.
There's absolutely no risk in the game, so I'm assuming I need to add something to protect from the vegetables..
.. What would you protect from evil vegetables?!
I have the distinct feeling that half of this game was coded whilst at the height of a rather evil flu, and that things may not necessarily make a whole lot of sense!!!

No matter, that's what we've got.
Let's keep going and see where we end up.


Mum's discovered some Snowdrops in the garden, and they're coming up lovely.
The previous owners must've planted them, but that would likely have been a couple of years ago, now.
Mum found them last week. She took a photo and came in to show me, and whilst swiping between photos, accidentally swiped up on her iPhone instead of across, at which point the "Photo info" panel popped up.
And slap bang in the middle of the panel it said "Look up Common Snowdrops"

Mum was absolutely gobsmacked by this. "How does it know!?!"

The Common Snowdrops are looking lovely in the garden, though they're all smushed up against the odd fence along the side of the garden. We're planning on removing the fence, since it's only there to separate the garden from the driveway, and .. We ain't driving!!!

"Cartoon @Derek uncovers some beautiful snowdrops growing in his garden." by

There's not that many in our garden!!!
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