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The Next Platdude...
  20th January, 2011
Since I'm going to be doing Cassette 50 for a while, we're not going to be needing the regular Suggestion Box for a while.
As a kind of replacement for those, then, I'll be thinking ahead, and wondering about the "larger" projects.
Obviously one of the new ones is going to be a new Platdude game.

I think, honestly, I've taken the whole Puzzler thing as far as it's able to be stretched. (for the meantime!)
Keeping that in mind, I'd like the next one to be a Platdude title, instead. I've only ever really tackled these once or twice before, since olde "block at a time" Platdude didn't feel right when animated.
Nowadays, though, we've pretty much fixed all those issues, so it's probably time to tackle this whole thing once again.

Controls will be the first thing to tackle. A fresh approach to the do's and dont's of his movement, and some lovely new methods for getting to his exits!

And what will his exits be!?

Well, I've had a half-idea crammed away since I did JNKPlat08DS!
If I can pull that one off, it'll be something!!!

Game : Platdude's Green Adventure
Started : Not yet..
Release : ....?

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