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19th February 2024

Time for some rainbow based hopping, as Bobby hops along to the goal.
You can play it at itch,io, or play with the code at GotoJSE


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Hoppy Bobby is a single button game. Spacebar, Mouse button, J/K/Z/X/Right. They all should work just fine.
Tap to Hop, or hold to make a longer leap.

What I Didn't Do

This was a "by the numbers" recreation of the original. Fairly simple, though I did play about with a little glow for the current and next platforms. Oooh, exciting!!

I couldn't think of anything obvious to add to this game.
If you can think of something I could add, let me know in the comments!

Cover Art
"peach skinned chibi alien creature with large eyes and green hair, heart shaped head, wearing a red knitted sweater and blue jeans, meditating with crossed legs, sitting on a red girder", by

Couldn't get it to draw that heart shaped head right, no matter how I tried.

Here's a few alternatives

It seemed to focus on the ears much more than the eyes or the head shape.
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