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28th February 2024
Can't seem to focus on coding, this week.


On the one hand, I know what game I'm doing. I really just need to finish off the last few little bits and it's done.
It's not very exciting, though. I dunno..
A game's a game, right!?!

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I spent more time with No Man's Sky yesterday, and have upped the game's resolution to 2048x1332, with little or no difference to the performance.

This is "Almost" max for my MacBook Air M2 8Gb. If I give it a push to maximum resolution, things feel a teensy bit laggy, enough to make my head scream "OMG!! Motion!!!"
All other settings are on High, but not Ultra. Again, toggling any of those adds to the lag.

I'm also running at only 30fps. I'm perfectly fine with it running at 30fps. My previous experience with the game was playing on either PS4 via Remote Play which was at most 30fps, or on the Switch, which.. I'm fairly sure that wasn't doing more than 30fps, was it?!
Either way, having it run natively at 30fps at such a high resolution, without really hitting much more than about 45degrees average temperature, is really quite something.

I might fiddle with a few more settings, later, see if I can get things looking a little less.. um.. smudged? Is that the right word!?!
I dunno. You zoom in a teensy bit on the full sized version of the landscape image, and you can definitely see some kind of nasty blurriness going on.
It's completely invisible when playing, but it's a shame I can't use photo-mode to get anything cleaner looking.


I'm trying my best to make this fishing game with Greenie, but every time I look at him ingame, I'm finding myself thinking back to an abandoned game collection.

"Cartoon @Derek's image embossed on some poker chips" by

Casino Green was intended to be a giant collection of gambling games. Fruit machines, blackjack, poker and more.
The collection started off well enough, but hit a roadblock about the same time as all the "Gambling Games are Evil" stuff started to kick off.
People screaming about the dangers of gambling games promoting gambling and causing habits to form.
I stopped making these kinds of games, and haven't really touched gambling all that much ever since.
Which is somewhat ironic given my real-world name (James Gamble)

I'm kinda tempted to make a new version of Kasino Green..
Maybe one with a great big massive "DON'T GAMBLE" on the title screen..!?

... Just get the damn fishing game done, Jay!!!

"Cartoon @Derek in a casino, rolling a pair of threes at the table" by
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