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1st March 2024
Three sets of Ikea Alex drawers showed up yesterday, so all coding was off whilst they were built up.


"Alex" drawers were purchased. They're the ones that have formed the left-hand side of my desk for the past couple of years, and they've managed to hold all my Amstrad and all my Amiga games all that time in just two of its drawers, with the extra three drawers used for .. you know.. the chaos you cram into desk drawers!!

Me and Mum managed to build up two of the three sets of drawers, yesterday.

One set of drawers were bought for my room. They were swiftly built up and positioned at the end of my bed. They've not been filled yet. I was exhausted!!!

So, instead, we built up a second set of the drawers!!
These have been lovingly plonked in the middle of the kitchen by the side of the cooker.
Sure, they're not exactly kitchen units, but they sure do look the part, and they're a damn sight better than the gnatty old drawers that are currently in the kitchen!
If we need to replace them in a few years, then so be it. We'll be buying "proper" kitchen units at some point, so replacing these won't really be an issue. We're just not financially in a position to be buying a proper new kitchen, just yet! (Buying a whole Bungalow wasn't cheap, you know!!!)

The Alex drawers have 2 small drawers at the top, followed by three deeper drawers below.
In the kitchen, the top drawer holds the cutlery tray comfortably, the second most of the kitchen utensils. The potato masher does indeed fit, if you orientate it just right, but I think I prefer not to squeeze things in there, lest the drawer get stuck.

But each of those are only filling the front 2/3rds of the drawer, so there's even more space at the back to tuck away the things we rarely use.

The bottom three drawers are currently unused. We're thinking tea towels, pan lids, that sort of thing.

The third set of drawers are spare, and currently unbuilt. We know where they're going, in the corner of the dining room.. They'll be tucked away in the corner, unseen due to the open bifold doors in the room. But currently the unseen corner is full of rolls of bits of carpet, underlay and even a lovely unused mat that we no longer have in the living room. Bit of a mess, right now, that corner!!!

But that's where the third one's intended for. Thank goodness they come flat packed, or we'd have nowhere to store it in the meantime!

Health Wise...

.. The one downside to all this, is my damn shoulder.. Since my right arm has a tight Shunt-Tube running beside it, it's quite limited in its movement range, so I can't use it to do very much. As a result, my left arm was doing much of the work yesterday, and that shoulder's now absolutely bloody killing me in a way that I've not really felt before.
Going to have to limit how many Ikea units I put together, in a day, in future!

There were more than a couple of "turn to grab a screw from the pile on the right, turn back to put it in the unit on the left" moments, where I turned too quickly and had to immediately stop what I was doing due to the waves that formed because of it. That really did slow things down quite a bit. In future the screws will have to be placed in a more "less-movement" position.

Hopefully there's not much more ikea building in our future, though. Other than the dining-room set of drawers, I'm not really sure we have many more units to build.
What we've got now is plenty of storage opportunities, and things like the more finalised Kitchen Units will eventually (hopefully) be done by other people, (proper kitchen fitters) once we can figure out what exactly we're doing in there.

Will it be a complete "New kitchen" or just gradual bits and pieces? Who knows.

Probably the cheaper option!

... In the meantime, then, I should probably get back to doing some coding now, huh? The week's almost over!

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