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12th March 2024

Shoot at the AI-Art Generated Bandits, and protect the lives of the Damsels as you click your way to success.

You can Play Bandam Spinfire at JSE.


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Mouse or Touch

The difficulty levels might seem a bit wonky, but the game is infinitely easier on a touch-screen, since you can tap all over the place, pretty quickly.
As such, Touch is probably best played on Hard mode.

What I Didn't Do

I coded this game, but I barely drew a thing. The AI generation is getting really bloomin' good, and almost all the art in this game was done with a couple of prompts on the Bing/DallE3 generator.
I still had to fix them up, of course. The AI can't draw nice clean sprites, but it did do a pretty damn good job of it.

I'm out of a hobby, guys..
It's all gone!
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