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1st April 2024
Still coughing, but I think my mind's starting to get back to some sort of normality, this morning.


At the very least, I can taste that this cheap orange juice is most definitely not real juice at all, and it doesn't even taste remotely of real oranges.
I swear, some of these "own-store brands" just fill cartons with cordial and pretend it's the real thing.
Think I'll go back to my coffee again. Can't go wrong with a nice rich deep coffee flavour!

Much better.


I tried to get a bit of coding done yesterday, but everything I wanted to do ended up smushing into a brick wall inside my head.
Not good.
But I know not to push things when I'm feeling as bad as I was.

I did at least get half-a-Choon done. It feels like it needs a narrator, though.
I really need to find a good narration method.

Voice in head : You bought a nice Microphone a couple of years ago, Jay...

Yeah.. no.
Another hunt for a Text To Speech tool, then, or maybe an AI tool to do it.
There's bound to be something capable out there.
Maybe I should email the EmvoiceApp folk and ask for a few spoken-word narration voices?

Missed Week?...

I'll be honest, it's not looking good for that Easter game, is it?
Maybe next year I'll make a game, release it on Friday, and as soon as the player dies, the game locks up until Sunday, when the character comes back to life..

I don't think that'd go down too well, really, would it?!

Yeah, I should probably just make a random crazy game in the next hour or so, and see where it goes. Random oddity FTW!!

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