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2nd April 2024
Well, I didn't manage anything yesterday!
Not for trying, but everything I tried turned to mush.


At one point I wondered how much fun it'd be to write some sort of retro Text Adventure game, before contemplating how much work I'd need to put into having a plot, characters, environment, world, objects, etc.
Certainly wouldn't be a week's worth of a project.
Then I was reminded of the time I asked ChatGPT to pretend it was a text adventure, and I played it for about an hour before the engine started to unravel.
.. Which was certainly fun for the hour.

And that was about a year ago. I bet if you did that now, it's be much better quality.

... So, guess nobody ever has to create a text adventure game, ever again, for the rest of eternity.

*Ten Minutes Later*
Entire script of the adventure here

Yeah, that's really quite quite powerful, and I'd suggest you all give it a go!
Give it a setting, a simple enough goal, and let the world flow around you.

Just imagine how that might work in the future. If video games went from Text Adventures to giant world of GTA/etc, within .. what.. 40 years or so?

Simply asking for a text adventure, and becoming part of a whole world with Mrs Henderson the cafe owner, and Mr and Mrs Jenkins who may or may not be related. ..
I wonder if they are..?

Imagine having that much power, but with the chatbot also generating a fully 3D environment instead. Building a small rural village, adding a few buildings, throwing in some NPCs, each with their own little chatbot AI's.

And, really, that's not that complex, in the grand scheme of things. We've already seen 3D models coming from AI's.

Layer the chatbot onto a suitable 3D engine of sorts that can run a nice open world, and you're about 80% of the way there, already.
It's really quite alarming to think that we're not too far away from having that be a thing.



"Cartoon @Derek finds himself in the quaint village of Rosewood, surrounded by lush green fields and charming cottages. Mrs Henderson, the cafe owner, offers him a scone and a cup of tea. The Jenkins' wave from the nearby Post Office." by

... Though.. Maybe try to get the whole "Hand/Object" thing working a bit better, if you want the NPC's to be handing you a brew.
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