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3rd April 2024
Well, it's an engine, at least..


Please ignore the currently temporary ascii-character as the player

I'm not really sure what this game is, yet.
The movement is "hop" based.. You can hop up and down between levels, and hop across the platforms, but can't leap over any gaps, so will fall back down if you miss-step.
And, that's as far as I got with it, yesterday.

I did try asking Bing. Bing now includes an upload button, so I took the above screenshot and asked it "What do you think this game is about", to which Bing complained that there were too many yellow lights.

Those aren't lights, Bing. Can you not tell!?
I guess it can't understand my art style.

Maybe that's why nobody plays my games!?!


I got to narrate some passages for this week's ALChoon, and they actually turned out really well. I might investigate doing that sort of thing more often.

I haven't quite got to grips with the functionality of chopping the audio up, retiming it to beat-match, and then somehow managing to fit the video back around it, though, so it'll have to be audio only, I'm afraid.

.. Which means I need to make a video, and it's another of those "oh no, I wrote myself into needing to animate again.." videos, so .. I guess that'll be today's task.
That and figure out the game.

Busy day ahead, then.

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