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23rd May 2024

Blast away the crosses in this crazily colourful Twin-Stick Shooter
You can Play on, or See the code at JSE.


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WASD to move
IJKL to shoot
If you've a suitable Twin-stick controller that works in your browser, you can use that, and you'll have a much better time of things!

What I Didn't Do

This game started off as me going "I haven't made a Twin-Stick shooter in a while.."
A triangular ship was drawn with a little turret (which was later removed because it looked weird!) and from there a generic little shooter was made.
Looked a bit dull, though, so I added a zooming tunnel for the background.
Hopefully that effect doesn't completely fail on other systems.
Be sure to let me know how well it works on yours.

Probably could've done with a few more powerups. Shields.. Things like that.
And, if I'm honest, I could really have done with a bit more vibrancy and saturation to the colours. Most of the life gets sucked out of the background because of the darkening tunnel effect, but without that it gets CRAZY, and you end up with the four quarters of the screen becoming different colours in a really odd way!

You can Play on, or See the code at JSE.
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