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3rd June 2024

Move from Red to Black and back again, scoring points for every card you move from.
Will your 7 cards in hand be enough to win this game?
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What I Didn't Do

I dunno, this turned out ok, I think.

I mean, kinda.
I actually started off with a few more elements.

The numbers were much more important to the game, to begin with.
Starting off with 3 lives, your aim would be to reach the top of the tower. Every time you go from a number to a higher number, you'd move up that many steps of the tower. Reach the top for a bonus.

Similarly, a lower number would be you falling down the tower.
You'd lose a life if you dropped too far down the Tower.

In practice, this seemed WAY too complicated, and almost impossible to beat, but ..
I dunno, you tell me!

Grab a deck of cards, and play the game with the same rules as is here, but keeping track of "Up" and "Down". If you "fall" more than, say 5 points, then you lose a life.
Is the game better or worse like that?!

Let me know, if you can bothered to try

You can Play TowerDeck in the Shoebox of Games
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