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6th July 2024
The sixth day of July is Twist


You can Twist in the JSE, but not too long, or it might make you nauseous.

Twist is the word, so I made a little Platdude that twists and turns in a giant swirling vortex.

The lines in the background simply wiggle back and forth, left to right, with a bunch of Sin and Cos maths to make the wiggling much more interesting. They're then drawn from the top to the bottom of the screen, and the result is a swirling chaotic mess of twirling lines.

There's no interactivity, today, again. But you can watch the lines as they flow around Platdude, making you slightly nauseous as they go.
It's a twirling whirling wonderland.
Oh the joy.

You can Twist in the JSE, but not too long, or it might make you nauseous.


In Health/Life news, we made it on a walk to the local Canal for the first time, yesterday.
It's the first time we've been to the local canal, and it took a fair amount of walking to get there, so luckily it was just the right sort of weather for it.
Not too cold that it made my neck-goop freeze up.
Not too hot that it boiled my brain.
Just the right level of mild but sunny weather that I could cope with the walk there and back.

Over 3,500 steps were had, but much more importantly, it was a nice local walk through a nice woodland area, up to a beautiful canal. We chatted with a couple of folk up there, and sat in a nice little picnic area.
We saw a riverboat heading down the locks. (I didn't want to be rude and take a picture of that.. Though maybe I should've..?)
Oh, the scenery was gorgeous, and it's practically right on our doorstep. Roughly twice the length of Tesco and back.

The canal winds around the back of our estate, and towards the other end is an even larger woodland area.
We haven't dared walk around that bit yet, but I think we might do at some point in the future.
For today, however, my legs are on fire, so I think I'll probably be going a few days without attempting another stroll!!!

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