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7th July 2024
July's word for the 7th is Echo. (Echo!)


JSE has some nice Echo functions, which make use of Javascript's ability to use some "impulse" sounds to generate echos and such.
As I started to fiddle about with sounds and echos and impulses, too, something else popped into my head.

What if I made a little keyboard to play all of the sounds with!?
So that's what I did.

You can Play with the Keyboard in JSE.

It took a while to get the keyboard looking right. I tried to make it so that tapping keys would do what they're supposed to do.
Then I set a slider of sorts to choose from all the echo styles, and then I added all the little sounds that sounded decent, when played upon the keyboard.

After that, I had to add all of the frequencies, so headed back in time to where I knew they all lived happily.

I grabbed the Amstrad CPC 6128 manual, and flicked to Chapter 7, Page 25.
On there are a super handy selection of Notes and Frequencies, which I typically tend to return to whenever I need them.

I popped them into the engine, and added tapping functionality to the keys, and.
That was pretty much it!

I had to add touch testing, so that "chords" of a sort could be played, and then I went through all the instruments to tune them as best as I could.
It's nowhere near perfect, but it is fun to play with for a little bit.

Best played on a touchscreen device, so you can tap a little better!

You can Play with the Keyboard in JSE.

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