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8th July 2024
The word for the ninth day of July is Knot.

I struggled to decide what this might be.


You can Play Knot in JSE

At first I envisaged some sort of knot-based fiddling with the Wire/rope from the other day, but once I tried to figure out how to get that to work, I ended up tying myself up in knots trying to come up with a good way to do it.
I considered some sort of tessellation puzzle that could be rotated to create paths, but again that just seemed to go nowhere.
In the end, I opted for a traditional "Locomotion" style sliding-block puzzle. Simply make a path from the starting point on the left, to any point on the right, and you win the puzzle.
It's not hard. It's not clever. It's kinda lazy.
But it's a toy, so that's ok, and it's at least interactive.... Hurray for that.

You can Play Knot in JSE

A.I. Corner

: Download | Suno Link

Alternative version
: Download | Suno Link
Sung by Suno

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