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23rd December 2008
You might have noticed a distinct lack of AGameAWeek, this week..
Since I'm getting little or no work done, this week, and.. what with being Xmas and all, I've decided to be lazy, and take a week off.

Nothing wrong with that!

If you feel you really need something new to play with, nip to yesterday's post, and you can grab the WhoSave thing. That's quite nice.. And you can pretend I posted that today, in time for the Xmas episode in 2 days time. Very festive!!

If you'd like to see something extra special, head inside for super secret Alien Deathmatch playing tips!


Alien Deathmatch 2 : Super Secret Playing Tips

Special Weapons.
Each of the special weapons has it's own special skill. The flame thrower is fast and deadly, the pulsar is wide and powerful, and the radioactive circle thing will detonate with the force of a Bomba.. You're probably wondering, though, just how useful the other three are.

Whereas all other bullets will stop upon contact, the Pink blob lazer will fire through baddies. Use it when a huge army are after you.

The blue lightning zapper isn't very powerful at all.. But it's really really quick. You can use it to rack up super bonus points, because it takes so many hits before a baddie will die.

The larger yellow bullets will split into 3 upon contact with a wall. They'll then head back roughly in the direction they came from. The large bullet does minimal damage, but each of the 3 bounced bullets will cause serious damage.. If you get this weapon, run and shoot towards a wall, to damage enemy behind you.

It's best not to rack up a huge multiplier right at the start. Instead, wait until there's a few of them around the level, and then start collecting them one at a time, as the gauge reaches the bottom. That way, you can eventually rack the multiplier gauge up to much larger numbers, as you're not losing it too quickly.

Super Weapon pickups will override each other. If you pick up a rubbish one, grab another to switch. A set number of pickups exists on each level, and if you collect one, another will respawn elsewhere.. However, they won't begin to respawn until you're back to your basic gun, so be sure to keep an ample supply of pickups waiting, just incase.


As well as the basic aliens, there are 7 additional breeds of each.

The Dark Blues will run faster towards you. They're pretty quick, so you'd Better be ready.

The Yellow guys will drop a pickup when killed. Most of the time they drop basic weapon powerups, but occasionally they drop Multiplier refills. These won't increase your multiplier, but they will at least restore the gauge back to the top. Additionally, on rare occasions, the Yellow guys will also drop a Super Weapon. .. That doesn't happen very often, though.

The Reds will explode upon contact or when killed. You will not die from the explosion! Only other aliens will, so use this to your advantage. Additionally, the Reds are slower than normal aliens.

Purple aliens will split into a multitude of plain grey aliens, once they're dead. If you hit them with a Bomba blast, it'll usually kill the offspring. But that doesn't always work!

Green aliens give out a poof of green gas when they're killed. If you get too much gas around the arena, it might be too difficult to see where you're going. So try to keep track of your surroundings when they're around.

The Light Blue guys are tank-like assassins, sent out with 10 times the normal armour, and determined to get you. You can score super none-death shot points by constantly hitting these guys.. But you'll have to be careful if there's a whole squad of them.

And, lastly, the dark black Stealth bugs are pretty hard to see coming.. Be extra vigilant.

Type Bloody on the titlescreen to turn the Blood option up to max!!!
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