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Happy Leap Day Blog
29th February 2024
A special Quantum Leap event took place, this morning, on Leap Day.


Dedicated to QLP host Matt Dale, the Quantum Leap Podcast producers have put together a special Table Read.
Written back around 2009 or so, by script writer Trey Callaway, the new "A Bold Leap Forward" script was written for Sci-Fi Channel as a potential backdoor pilot to a new series of Quantum Leap, starring Sammy Jo, Sam's daughter from the original Trilogy episodes.
The script was ultimately never produced, but this morning, the QLP folk along with a few stars from the new QL series, are doing a table read of that very script.

It's about to air in 5 minutes, as I'm typing this, and I'm very much looking forward to watching it!

View on YouTube
The final video should be viewable here once all is said and done.
I do hope it's fun

If you'd like to donate to help support Matt Dale's family, you can find the GoFundMe page here.

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