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  28th March, 2011
1. No sound pitch.
Jinkies Munkies, What the Funkies!?!?

Simplest example.
You know in Horizontal Shooter, when your weapon goes "SQQEUUUUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"..
Can't do that..
It's gotta go "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep"

Regular bullets will go "Rat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat" instead of "bang-bing-bada-pow-pip-pat-pap-bang"

Imagine SpikeDislike without it constantly getting higher and higher, as you up the combo.

.. Pants..

And, even worse, every sound needs it's own set of buffers. So if I choose to have 10 different combo sounds, I need 10 smegging buffers to go with 'em.. and that's if I only want 1 of each playing at a time!

This is very very dissapointing.
Probably should've tested the sound before I bought it.

But wait.... there's more!!!

2. Memory
I made a simple reloader that loads the different sized images whenever you hit an F-key.
(you can see that in action in the quick test from yesterday
Open Taskmanager, and watch the program's memory, whilst you flip between the different resolutions.


Carry on..

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