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..... And down.....
  28th March, 2011
Bad time to be swinging again, Jay...!

20x(640x32) images + 10x(64x64) images.
That can just about struggle to run at about 22fps on an iPod Retina.

Then you've got text to go over that, and another 10x(64x64) for badges..

It's just not happening..
No matter how I tweak it, rejig it, and compile and compile again, I just cannot get those numbers up.


And yet... That's exactly what SpikeDislike is, already.
.... At 60fps.

And SpikeDislike is the most piss easiest game I can think of!!!

Jayenkai : He uses BlitzMax, Cocos2D, and has just wasted £70odd on a language he'll never use.

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