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Hello Barry!
  4th April, 2011

Is Barry The Spelling Bee going to be the star of my next iOS game?!


Probably not..

I was trying to decide what kind of character would be able to move freely around the screen, and sitting attempting a doodle of some sort, when I suddenly thought about bees.
This may/may not have had something to do with the giant Wasp in my bedroom at the time..

So, I grabbed Barry's sprite, slapped it into the engine, and made him flutter about a bit.

If Barry does get used, he won't be a Spelling Bee anymore Poor Barry.
But he will still flutter about a bit.

I'm in two minds here. On the one hand.. it's a bee!!
If this game does end up the way I imagine it to be, this'll actually be a vague reimagining of Blockman Gets, but tweaked so it's barely recognisable.
Do I really want Blockman's place to be stolen by a Bee!?!

..on the other hand, he does look quite cute, doesn't he! And it will give me an excuse to add lots of little fluttery clouds, and bits of flower and pollen and stuff..

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