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Ninja Tweaks!
  17th April, 2011
Still fiddling around with the basics of NinjaDuck iOS, and have actually done a whole lot of work since yesterday. Although, you still can't see any of it yet.
I'm either going to have to set up a camera, or figure out a hacky way to do Accelerometer based gameplay in the Simulator.

Yesterday Ninja Duck looked like this..

Big Ninja, Big Duck, Big Frog!


Today, Ninja Duck looks like this..

Littler Ninja, Littler Duck, Littler Frog, BIG TREE and some clouds.
I need to draw some better trees! They were just grabbed from that little "make random sprites" things I did earlier. (in fact, you can watch these trees being made, right here!!
But, yeah, they need redone! Drawing 16x32 pixel tree sprites into a 128x256 pixel area tends to do that!

Still, everything else looks A-OK to me... Or at least, passable, anyway!

Currently fiddling with the physics a bit, and then I'll start building some sort of level based structure to it all.
It'll be a runny leapy jumpy slashy type game, so there'll be plenty more little animals to slash at, a batch of collectables to grab, and.. hmm... maybe some spikes to dislike, too

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