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Sideproject #631
  19th April, 2011
If you're not too busy, Jay, why not try making another game!?

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Started this last night.. Seems to be coming together reasonably well, methinks.

It helps that I was previously doing this, before the iPad got it's update and broke my old framework. As such, I was able to reuse a whole big bunch of stuff, like the graphics, audio, and even the level data. (45 sets * 9 levels in each)
I still had to rework a whole bunch of stuff, though, and have REALLY neatened up the movement code. .. Like A LOT!! Helps that drawing an object is now just a single command, rather than having to track all those sprites, and switch them from object to object.. eeeuww.. I really don't like that stuff!

OK, carry on, more to do..

This'll probably be out before NinjaDuck, mostly 'cos it'll be quicker!

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