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  22nd April, 2011
I was supposed to keep the posts flowing during my month off, but Lazy Jay took control for the past few days, it seems!
No matter, here's what I've been doing.


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Puzzobomb is nearly done!!
I figured if I get this one done, out there, and maybe even get some sales (yeah right!) then I can spend some quality time with a Ninja and a Duck. woot.
So, Puzzobomb's nearly there, but I need to rejig a few things, like making a primary menu system to just allow players to play through the Bomby levels. That'll probably be better for people, I think.

Anyhoo, that's happening, Ninja Duck's bubbling, and AGameAWeek is looming over the horizon.

fingers crossed I can get this all done before I get more to do!

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