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Possible Skip-A-Week!
  15th May, 2011
Last Sunday, I came up with a fun idea for a game/experiment.
I figured it was WAY too big to fit into the next day and a half, so set it aside for this week, and instead made the silly block diggy thing that I did last week.

On Thursday, I properly started the bigger project, hoping that 5 days of work would be enough.
On day 1 I did the nice intro, made the outside-area work, and patted myself on the back for having done a really large job in a single day.

On day 2 I set about cut/pasting a large chunk of an old game into the new one. A bit of a cheat, but the outty bit should help make things feel rather different.
Day 3 I redrew a bunch of sprites so it looked a bit different, and today, Day 4, I'm sitting here trying my darndest to build a really really stupidly insanely large level!

Tomorrow, I'll still be building that level!
And then on Tuesday..
well, I'll probably still be building that level!

A smaller level would be quicker, and easier to achieve.
But that'd defeat the point.

If I'm not done, assume it'll be even nicer next week!

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