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Probably not DS :(
  29th May, 2011
I'd love to, but considering it's taken me about 6 months to get around to fixing Ubuntu (just starting, may not go well!!) the chances of me fixing my DSBrew stuff is pretty darned minimal.


As for a clone of "Doodle Jump", I won't. I simply 100% will not.
Because, in all honesty, THIS is just too fucking fantastic.

One of my all-time favourite PC freeware games, it got everything just right, and plays so fantastically wonderfully.

I won't outdo that.
So I won't bother.
Great game.
Love it!

... Item of note : Socoder Upload DID upload that image. .. Wordpress Upload couldn't!!! .. Score one for Jayenkai!
(Ubuntu semi-updated, Firefox probably way out of date, shouldn't matter, it's only an upload, who the hell can't write an upload script?!)

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