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Y3:W33 - Extreme Unicorn Racing
  31st May, 2011
I've been hyping this one all week!!!

.. don't expect much!

It's a simple little horsey racing game. (But with Unicorns!!!)
Bet on a unicorn, watch them run, hope for the best!

Which one will win!?
It's 100% random, and there may or may not be any winners!!

Your score per round is as follows.
1. Your bet *times*
2. Your horses multiplier *times*
3. How many little happy blobs he ran over *times*
4. His rank (times 5 for first, 3 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd, 0 for anything else)

HUGE points are available, but you could also come away penniless.
You get $5 back if you lose everything, so don't be scared to GO for it!!

You can Download Extreme Unicorn Racing here for Windows, Linux and MacOSX!


AGAW Scoring : 33 weeks, 26 downloads, 50 games! woot!

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