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the continuing adventures of a sheep
  4th June, 2011
I might skip another AGAW, this week, sorry!

I have a half-game play-thing half done, but I've just started another one of those spur-of-the-moment things that might take over my entire weekend.
.. again..


Long story short, Level Editor for Sheep Goes Left, done in BlitzMax so that I don't have to keep constantly recompiling the whole thing just to see how much harder/easier a level is, if I shift spike #5 up a bit!

Usually when I port a game, I'll redo the whole thing so it feels "good" on the target system. Basically, even if two of my games look the same, and both feel AWESOME!!, they won't always be the same..

SpikeDislike is one of those cases.
The game is redone to fit onto the target, so the PC one has little stumpy shorts jumps since everything's tiny, and you can already see quite far ahead.. On the other side, the iOS one has much larger (relative to the screen) sprites, and you can't see as far, so instead it does big long jumps so that you get time to see what's ahead, and don't accidentally plow into things..
The player just plays it, and doesn't worry about the changes.. hopefully!

But this time, since the PC editor will be for the iOS edition, it's going to have to be 100% exact.
Time to copy/paste/edit/edit/edit a whole lot of code!

I'll get to work.
It should be something playable, once it's done, so.. .. .. you know..

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