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Sheep Goes Left!
  10th June, 2011
Bonus iOS Game!

For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (£1.19/$1.99/equiv.)

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Got an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad?
Grab Sheep Goes Left!!
Go get it!
It's out now!

I'll be posting the semi-demo half-assed ported to Win/Lin/Mac edition as Tuesday's AGameAWeek, so you can try it out there, but the iOS one's much neater, has nicer menus, lovely swooshy bits, and even contains a wonderful little 20-track soundtrack! (woot!)
Additionally, much like SpikeDislike turned out, the iOS one will be getting the updates, while the Win/Lin/Mac one ends up being somewhat ignored. Not because I'm a mean spirited evil bugger, but because I can't really be bothered to constantly jump back and forth, porting little bits and pieces over and over again, whilst simultaneously building loads of levels, and keeping up with AGameAWeek, too! Far too much at once!
What'll more likely happen, is that I'll get a bulk of the iOS one done (I have about 4/5 releases in mind so far), and then throw all of that into a big Win/Lin/Mac one, once it's all finalised.
Seems less tweaky that way!

For now, if you have the opportunity, go grab the iOS one, and see how far you can get.

ps, yes, it's a Tier 2 price. That means it's twice the price that SpikeDislike was.
SpikeDislike took about a week to make, and is all random elements.
This one's taken a month, has (for me!) decent background art, 20 pieces of music, and 100 levels.
Hopefully that all counts for something!

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