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This Week...
  12th June, 2011
A demo!!?!?!!?!?!

With all the freeware that's on here, the years of making freeware, and the fact that I've only ever made games for the fun of making the games, it's pretty damn unthinkable that one of my games might actually be a demo!
But that's how it's going to be for this one.

I like this game.
I like it a lot!

Last month, this started as a simple remake of a shitty little spike dodging game.
A quicky, or so I thought, to slap onto the AppStore as a semi-sequel to SpikeDislike.
But once I started getting into it, the game grew and grew and grew!

The full game's iOS Appstore release was on Thursday 9th July, and so to compliment it, I'll be posting a kind of demo/port of the game, for Windows/Linux/Mac, as AGameAWeek, this coming Tuesday.


Why a demo?
Well, for two reasons.
One : Although this game has only taken a month and a bit, it's really taken a lot to get it all done. (see "AGameAWeek's been a bit shit lately" for further details!)
World backgrounds with all the artistic flare of someone who isn't entirely crap at it, 2 pieces of music for each of the 10 worlds thanks to my current AL O'DARE spurts, and levels that I had to sit and design properly, so they'd try to kill you at JUST the right time..
I've worked my ass off on this one!

Two : If I give the whole game for free, what's left to buy?!

For now, there isn't really anything else in there, so for now this is just a demo.
At a later point, after a few iOS updates, there'll be a whole lot more to the iOS one, and so I'll happily freebie this one.
So in the meantime, we'll just assume this one's the demo.

Anyhoo, Tuesday : Sheep Goes Left : The Trial Edition.
Meanwhile, you can grab the iOS edition right here!

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