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Y3:W35 - Sheep Goes Left
  13th June, 2011


As a slight change from our usual AGameAWeek standards, this is..
A) A Demo
B) Not entirely awful!

The full version's available for iOS devices, in the AppStore, right now!
Play the demo, love the demo, play the full thing, love it some more, then tell your friends to love the sheep, too!

Spread the game, make it popular, and when everyone's all nice and happy I'll repost this game with all it's levels, an extra level pack, and a lovely level editor thrown in for good measure.
Is that a good deal?
Will people complain?
Heck, this is the 52nd game of the year, and we're only 35 weeks in! I'm allowed to do crazy things!!

You can Download Sheep Goes Left here for Windows/Linux/MacOSX, or for iOS here!

AGAW Scoring : 35 weeks, 29 downloads, 53 games*, 1 tired Jay.
(52nd = iOS edition, 53 = WiLMa edition)

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