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  14th June, 2011
On Twitter last night, there was a semi-conversation about how to go about doing AGameAWeek.
Once I'd headed off to bed, I lay and typed this gubbins into the iPod's Notepad thing, and then swiftly forgot about it, until just now!

It's a bit waffley, and probably not entirely intelligible (it was 4am!) but here it is anyway..

If anyone DOES want to give it a go, let me know how you get on, and .. should it become a proper thing, I'll see about making some kind of linkage system.
(reminder to self : You STILL haven't done that for NMcCoy's AGAW thing! You lazy git.. Get it done already!!)


Rules of AGameAWeek

1. One Week
If your game is too big to be done in a week, then you're not making AGameAWeek!
If you're enjoying a build, but it's growing too big, you'll have to
make the choice as it happens.

2. Split the time
Figure out a schedule which will give you two seperate coding
sessions. One to write, one to test/fix, preferably on seperate days,
to give a little thinking time between each session.
Add more sessions as required. (art, sfx, music?)

3. Frontend
Build up a generic reusable menu/titlescreen/basic none-game framework
that serves as a quickstart point. If you never have to code a "Game
Over" screen ever again, that's about 180,000 hours of thinking time

4. Learn the tools!
Become "one" with your language, learn all your art package's keyboard
shortcuts, and practice your techniques to find the quickest route
between inDev code, and "compile, compress, screenshots, upload,
blog, done!!" that you can!

5. Stop
Don't forget to breath.

6. Fail
95% of "new" game ideas suck, but don't let that stop you! Take this
opportunity to figure out exactly WHY they suck, and whether or not
you can fix them!
If you can't fix 'em, that's ok. At least you gave it a shot!

7. Leave it behind
If a game REALLY sucks, just let it go, even if you spent a while on
it. There's no point in wasting more time than you feel. Let the
bad things die!

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