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Quicky Test - Chase The Block
23rd June 2011  
The other day I suggested that a new set of AGameADay might be in order, since I'm totally stuffed for ideas, lately.
Out of ideas, make the requirement more.... Sure, that makes sense, right?!

Anyhoo, today I spent . um.. all day.. doing yet another one of those Framework things that I apparently love to do.
This time I used, and the resulting menu/score/game thing has actually worked out quite nicely.

First game, Chase The Block, a simple chasey game.
Created (using, and my nice new fancypants framework) within the space of 41 minutes!!

You can play it below!

Nice and easy, Z to start, cursors to move, chase the block, timer, get the best you can, gameover, scoreboard, sorted...
It's your own personal scoreboard (don't think DD's looking forward to adding online scoreboard to the thing!) but it'll save the scoreboard for you, if you register on the site, first..
So, go register, too!!!

If all is well with the game, we'll be playing with that for a week or two, and I'll be piling on as many crazy random ideas as I can.

AGameADay, via PlayMyCode, for a little while!

PlayMyCode games no longer work

(and ffs, use a proper browser!)

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