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Daily Posts?
  27th June, 2011
Since I'm now doing AGameADay for a while, I figured it might be somewhat of a change of pace if I also did one of those "blog" things daily.
I tried doing this during my previous month off, and although it kinda worked, it didn't really last.. d'oh!

Still, try and try again!

As a reminder, I've set up a calendar alarm thing to bleep at me, every night, at 22:15GMT.
Either that'll work really well, or it'll start to tick me off, to the point where I throw my otherwise completely and totally unused HTC Wildfire into my bin!
We'll see..

What I did today

Good old British Summer is here again.. Our annual couple of days, streets deserted, everyone sunbathing for the short time they can.
.. So I stayed in and played Burnout for a couple of hours on my X360.

New Game
Today's game, Get the Greens, took me about 40 minutes to build.
The PlayMyCode template thing that I made is REALLY helping there!
I might post the template code, and all it's bits and pieces, some time this week..
but.. PlayMyCode's not hard, and if you want to try it out, it's probably best to start from scratch, rather than have my halfassed bodged together oddities trying to freak it out!

I've thought of a few extra tweaks I can add to the template today, but nothing major.
There's been a slight issue with backward sprites in Firefox though. That's a bit disheartening. Hopefully the PMC guys can find a fix for that, but.. hey, it's something to play around, and every limitation means my head's thinking of alternatives.
Them's the way to make new things happen

So, another plug for PlayMyCode, another simple browser based game, and another game to add to the list.
If you're counting the way I'm counting, that'll be Year 3.5, Game #3..

New Choon
I'm not sure if everyone's realised this, but over the past few months I've been leading a double life as a crazed whacked out lunatic named AL, who posts an odd piece of music every so often.
I'll leave the explanation of AL (it's a bit chaotic) for another time! (should fill a dull day's blog, at the very least!)
AL's Tumblr site is right here and you can hear todays, yesterdays, and ..well.. buckets of other stuff, all on his lovely pages.
Today's tune was made today, and took about an hour.

I also had to fix a couple of things on Socoder, today, mostly involving the shoutbox's integration with the forum. I think I got it all, but couldn't be bothered faffing about with databases to go through all the tests that I could've. Nothing was totally broken, luckily, but it was leaving random bits of converted html (albeit safely converted, of course!!) in odd places due to the new Avatar Link thing that I did yesterday. ...?!

Ooh, I got email today!
It's very rare that I get actual emails, lately. Most of my communication is done via Twitter now, so anything in the gmail is usually just a pile of spam, or companies wanting to tell me I'll be getting my paper bill through the door in a couple of days time.*shrugs*

Today's email is an Indie Game Submission...
.. wait.. what?

My name is [removed] and I've just released an indie title that I would love for you to check out. It would mean a lot to me if it were featured on A Game A Week.


I've had a few things like this.
People are hunting for "Sites that have lots of freeware games", stumble onto AGameAWeek, and think "Oh, yeah, that'll do for MY game!!"
It happens.
It's really feckin' rare, but it does happen.

Either I'm going to have to put a giant notice up at the top of the page, or I'm going to start posting other people's games.
Big Notice, methinks!

If I'm feeling generous, the game might be slotted into this week's Socoder Newsletter (sign up already!), but then, it's not actually a freeware game, either, so.. probably not..

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