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  30th June, 2011
I'd already got bogged down into doing the Socoder Newsletter, there, when my beepy alarm reminded me to do my new daily bloggy thing!
Good job I set that, or there'd be no blog today!


So, what have I been doing today?


iOS Dev

First off, I drew a tile with some grass on it.
Well, I say drew..
I loaded Gimp, filled a green rectangle, added Noise filter, then added Slur filter, and .. bingo, grass!
well.. after about 20 minutes of experimentation, anyway!

That went into the current iOS game along with 100 almost completely transparent sprites, which gives a slightly rubbish "Ball rolling over grass, temporarily flattened grass" kind of effect.
.. I say that.. it kinda looks like a blob behind the ball, but whatever! It kinda works!

Anyhoo, then I added 3 sound effects to the game, and not one of them sounds right. I'll have to redo that, but haven't had time because..


This morning, I awoke to a new comment on the Jay Archive.

Dock : "Played until the levels seemed to loop. The minimalism is really interesting, although a little eye straining! "

Which game?
Why, Go Left, of course!!

The game that, even today, is still inexplicably popular.
Even though I've made a much bigger, much more awesomelier version of it (Sheep Goes Left!, btw), released it on Windows, Linux, Mac and even iPhings, too..
Still the rubbishy, 2 year old, stickman edition holds people's attention.

So I redid it as Platdude Goes Left, and you can play it in your browser, right here.


AL's tune for today took about an hour or so, and didn't really go anywhere special. Nothing fantastic, but something handy in case I need something repetitive for a Youtube vid's background!
That was kinda why I suddenly started doing these, if I'm honest.
I was having somewhat of a music drought, and desperately needed to build up a new collection, so I started a new Tumblr thing, opened up Fruityloops, and just started plopping down random things.
If anyone complains, I can blame AL


I also had to fix something on my Jay Archive. Silly me accidentally marked Dock's message as Spam, then realised I've never bothered to add a "Ooops, I didn't mean that!" button to my rather rough admin functions.
Had to nip in and do raw database gubbins, before tweaking the script a bit to save me doing that in future.

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