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Oopsy, 2 days..
24th July 2011  
If you're following, you'll have probably seen it coming.
Jay codes, Jay codes more, Jay writes blogs, Jay does music, Jay feels a bit tired, Jay codes more, Jay feels really tires, Jay writes a big-ass Newsletter, Jay stays awake all night, Jay codes more, Jay drags himself home from work, Jay goes to sleep for 12 hours, Jay's big sleep fucks his neck up again..

New Rule
Jay needs to set an alarm to wake himself every few hours, so he can sit and roll his neck around for a bit.
.. 'cos his neck isn't very happy.

So, 2 days of rest, and rolling later, I seem to be . more or less.. back to basics.
Head's a bit swooshy, but that's nothing a good 18 pints of coffee won't fix.
Good job I bought that new kettle the other day.

Meanwhile, while I lay in bed going "Oh, FFS!" again, Apple released my Daisy Chains game! woot!

View on YouTube

Grab it here for ??0.69/$0.99, or shove my name "James Gamble" into the AppStore app, to find a whole bunch of apparently secret games!! (They're not secret, they're just old already!!!)

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