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Rethinking the Skeleton
  2nd April, 2009
OMG! The complaints are everywhere!

I guess the general verdict is that my games are too hard.
To be honest, I never thought of them as being "hard". I just kinda skip over the dull early parts, *ARRGGHH!! TUTORIALS!!!!* and get the player right into the game, instead.

But folk are complaining. So a new plan of action must be decided.

Today, I opened up my Skeleton frame doohickey, and decided to add a Game-And-Watch approach.

The engine now has a simple "GameStyle" variable, right up top.
The player will be able to choose between game's A and B, just like they could on a Game-And-Watch. But unlike the originals, B will be the easier mode.. You'll default to A, play Hard-Mode, and if you can't quite hack it, hop along to baby-B
B won't have highscores, A will.

I'm also tweaking a few other bits and pieces, but for the most part the A/B thing should keep folk happy.

Later on today, I'll probably post a BigBaby!-edition of WormBlast. For now, I'm working the skeleton!!

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