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Pipe Rats
  7th April, 2009
A bizarre mismash of random thoughts this week, alongside an eventual plan of action, and only a day to impliment it!!



So, a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon This guy's website. He had a rather ingenious plan, to create a brand new game in the space of a week.
To give him his dues, he did actually manage it.. albeit with the "days" of that week being spread out, so he could work on other things in the meantime.
So well done to him, and I'm sure everyone will be keeping an eye on the fella to make sure he sticks to the plan (His second project is aimed at the 2-Bee Games compo, and he's taking more than a week. Shame on you, swarmer!! )

Anyhoo, his project was a pipe game. And, if anyone knows me well, they'll know I really really hate those stupid "Make a pipe" Pipeline clones.

Flashback style transition

Way back in the 80s, my mate had a BBC Micro, and on there was a fantastic little game by Superior Software called Pipeline. It's a mix of Repton with Pipes, and Sci-fi, and quite frankly, it's one of my all time favourite games.
Then I tried my hardest to buy Pipeline for my computers, except every single "Pipeline" game I bought, wound up as that stupid god-awful "Make a pipe" puzzle thing.

Flashback style transition

I once made a clone of it for a Wednesday Workshop, only to have Superior's folkies tell me off for it. tut. silly folkies!
So, ever since I've planned to make some kind of mix, so that whatever game I make becomes half "The odd fun of running around a maze", and half "Make a pipe".
It's been tough, and I'd mostly forgotton about it, until Swarmer's game.. Which resparked the annoying thought processes.

And there it went for a few weeks, bobbling around inside my head, as a half formed idea, until rather late on Sunday night, when for some inexplicable reason, I thought about putting rats into the maze.


And with only a day and a bit to do the game, I rushed around like a rat in a maze, trying to get everything done.

The game currently has the following.
10 levels of varying difficulty.

The game does not have..

Those are kinda needed, nowadays!

You can Download Pipe Rats here.
It's fun, even if it is only 10 levels.

Just don't overfeed them, and don't let them get together!

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