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Mmmm.. Swirly...
  17th April, 2009
H~S~R's coming along, nice and slowly.
As I add each new little thing, I spend about an hour playing with the lovely swooshy swirlyness of it.

The whole Texture-Buffer-Blurry thing has really added some niceness to the game.
And, just for good measure, you can turn off the texture section. So, if the game's not quite up to speed, turn off the blur, and the game carries on without it.

Every element in the game has 2 layers. The Sprite, and the line.
Lines are left in the background, to swooshy away, whilst the sprites are overlaid on top. (but, not actually on top, due to the complexities of my buffer system!) It means that whenever you add the blurryness, only the lines and swooshies are actually blurred.
You still get nice crisp clear game gameplay, but you also get a nice blurring background, too.
And with all the overly blurryness of it, it all blends together, a bit like how the old Geiss screensaver does it, with single pixels lines slowly blending into the overall niceness of the background.


If it seems like I'm writing too much about the niceness, it's because, I've really fallen in love with the niceness.

Seriously, it's f'ing gorgeous!

I'm so far playing around with just the ship, the swirl, and the life-guys on the left.
I've not even added any baddies.
But I can't stop playing with it!!!
It's addictive!
And gorgeous!!



At some point, I guess I'll have to add some gameplay.

Anyhoo, new features. Let's get on with it.

Swarmer asked for lives for the lives, so each life-ship now has 5 health points.. They change from green to red as they die.
If you die, you'll again be replaced with any of the remaining life ships, but with only the health that the ship has remaining. (You'll be the ship with the most life left!)

Now, since this'll make the game about 90% easier, we need to level that out.

You can now shoot them, too.

Best not aim that way!!

Next up, baddies!

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