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I wouldn't recommend it...
  16th September, 2011
I've been mulling over this post for a few days, now, but the guy at work mentioned them being super cheap, and I found myself in a more pressed position.
Would I, or wouldn't I?


I've had my Nintendo 3DS for 3 weeks, now.
Each Friday morning, I've opened up the system's store and scrolled to the "what's new" section.
Each Friday I've been reading the same thing.
New DSiWare
New WiiWare
Nothing for 3DS


"Dear Customer,
We at Nintendo are all too aware that, as a fucking cheapskate, you didn't buy our console until we knocked the fuck out of it's price.
Since you've already gotten a cheap console out of us, we'll be damned if you're getting any cheap fucking games, too.
Piss off, and buy some ??40 games, you cheap fucker."

.. Or, something to that effect.

In addition to that, I think I'm already over the whole 3D thing.
It's only been a few weeks, but I'm already playing Zelda, and kinda not caring that it's in 3D anymore.

You get used to it. Quickly!!
And then it's not something magical anymore.
Then you find yourself wondering "is this even IN 3D?!" and feel the need to poke the screen, just to see if it's still working.

That's really disappointing.
And, given that I've hardly been playing it, anyway (NeonPlat taking all my time up!) it's even more disappointing that it's happened so damn quickly.

My Game Usage chart is currently...
1st : the camera! 1hr 50
2nd : the shop, in a desperate hunt for ANYTHING.. 1hr 38
3rd : the browser, seriously, the fucking browser... 1hr 14
4th : Super Mario Land, a Gameboy game that I played to death 20 years ago.. 1 hour
5th : Zelda, and I'm not even a fan of Zelda games.. 39 mins.

I wouldn't recommend it.

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