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Counters Strike!
  19th May, 2009
I'm not really sure if this is good, to be honest, but here it is anyway..

Counters Strike

BlitzBasic Sourcecode included.
Game written in under 3 hours.
Timescale written at the top of the Blitz Sourcecode (you can open it in notepad!)

Red and Blue take it in turns.

Counters move horizontally or vertically.
Each piece rests a certain number of turns after each turn, so you need to spread out your counters a bit.

If a red counter lands on a red square, it needn't rest, but if it lands on a blue square, it must rest for 5 turns.
Vice versa, if a blue lands on blue, it needn't rest, but if it lands on red, it must rest 5 turns.

If either counter lands on a green, that player can take another turn.

If you land on Orange, you reset all your current rest counts.

If you land on Yellow, you get an extra counter, as long as you've a space on your home-row.

If you land on Pink, you get 5 points.

Capturing an opponents counter will score your 15 points.

First player to the other side wins.

The AI's incredibly dodgy, and not very good at all.
If you click the status bar, you'll turn the AI off, and can play against another player.
If you can, do that.. Because, I think without my rubbish AI, this could actually be a pretty fun game.

The game ends if either player reaches the other side, and also reduces that counter's rest to 0....
If you run out of counters, the game will probably break, so watch out for that

Once I've done the MidletPascal/Java/LG Cookie edition of this game, I'll hop back to this Blitz edition, and update it a bit.
It could do with a batch of end-game options, and things like that.
You'll have to wait for that stuff, though..

You can Download CountersStrike here.
And, expect a version for the LGCookie in the next day or so.

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